Conserve Lake County and EarthWild Gardens

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Lake County is a beautiful and healthy place to live - and keeping it beautiful and healthy can begin right on your own property by planting species native to our county.

But, finding native plants is not always easy. That's why earlier this year we purchased Earthwild Gardens. For over 10 years, EarthWild Gardens provided Lake County residents with fresh, beautiful native trees, shrubs and perennials of local and regional ecotype that perform exceptionally well in garden settings. As the new owners of EarthWild Gardens, we look forward to continuing that tradition.

Our native plant sale is a fundraiser for our popular Conservation@Home program, which helps county residents who want to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their home and business landscapes. Through Conservation@Home you can schedule a free property visit for easy tips on getting started with eco-friendly landscaping and earn points to become a certified Conservation@Home property!

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