Conserve Lake County

land-preservation-oakConserve Lake County is about people and nature and what we can do together to help keep Lake County place that's healthy for people and wildlife.

Conserve Lake County helps people preserve precious landscapes. We help people improve the health of the land with land stewardship projects that bring vitality back to prairies, wetlands, and woodlands.

Through our Conservation@Home program, we have already visited over 1000 homeowners in Lake County to help them turn their backyards into nature-friendly, healthy landscapes. 

We inspire people to care about conservation and are involved in planning and advocacy for nature. And because farming practices affect the health of our ecosystems, we work to promote local food production and expand sustainable agriculture.

Lake County is our home. Like you, we believe that keeping nature healthy is essential for our future. Working together, we can make a difference.

Won't you join us?

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